Royal Boogaerdt Timber has long proven to always be a reliable partner for the timber trade companies in the Netherlands. Our customers in the timber trade and building materials trade appreciate our way of constructive partnership. Boogaerdt Hout has built up a good reputation in the field of various types of wood and treatments through years of knowledge and experience. Because we are at the source through our import function from all parts of the world. But also because we can carry out almost all operations in our own machine.

We are a stock-keeping importer in various types of wood and are also used to offering tailor-made products, even when smaller projects are involved. In addition to quality, just-in-time logistics and good communication are essential. In recent years, the timber merchant in the Netherlands has had to adjust more and more towards a total supplier for the construction industry. The emphasis on wood and woodwork was regularly eliminated. No problem, if the interpretation and thus ready-made solution can only be given by a reliable supplier.



  • Ekki;
  • opepe;
  • Oak;
  • American mahogany;
  • Iroko;
  • Teak;
  • Douglas fir.


  • Accoya;
  • Afzelia Doussie;
  • American mahogany;
  • Angelim Vermelho;
  • balau;
  • Beech;
  • Ekki;
  • Okan;
  • Douglas;
  • European Cherry;
  • European Ash;
  • European walnut;
  • Oak KD European and American;
  • Opepe;
  • Iroko;
  • meranti;
  • merbau;
  • Norway spruce;
  • Teak;
  • western red cedar;
  • wenge;
  • yellow Cedar;
  • Contact

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