Construction (Utility and homes)

Products from Royal Boogaerdt Timber often find their way through the local trader towards Non-residential Building and Residential Building. This concerns both wood for indoor and outdoor use. Due to our wide range of wood types and various application options, we offer various tailor-made solutions. In addition to the many wood products, we are equipped in our machine to carry out almost all operations ourselves. In addition to this, we also work with a number of permanent partners for special operations (such as finger welding and laminating) or finishes (in all possible colors).


Finished products

Royal Boogaerdt Timber therefore supplies semi-finished products for further processing or finished products. For many years we have been a reliable supplier of unprocessed wood for the production of window frames, windows and doors for the joinery industry. Other applications of our products towards residential and non-residential building are:

  • Wall cladding
  • Frames, Windows and doors
  • Finishing wood
  • Exterior constructions / garden wood
  • Galleries
  • Stairs
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