Boogaerdt Hout is actually already synonymous with sustainability. Like no other, we realize that if we want to continue trading in wood for the next 127 years, to make the 400 years of history full, sustainability in forestry and the sustainable harvesting of timber is a logical step to ensure continuity.

The logic of sustainable timber trade is actually obvious for the serious companies in our industry. Without sustainable forest, the industry is finite. And who would, with such a long history in the industry, strive for that?

The directors of the company also stood at the cradle of the policy of the Royal VVNH to come to a policy plan to make in certain steps the import in the Netherlands of as much sustainable certified wood as possible. Boogaerdt scores with a percentage of 86% above the average in the industry.

CO2 Footprint

Wood has a CO2 footprint that is lower than concrete, steel and plastic. Each m3 of wood captures almost one tonne of CO2 (900 kg/m³) and if you add the CO2 emissions of materials that you save, the total climate gain is even two tons of CO2!

Boogaerdt wants to be able to continue to operate as a specialist in the sector and to keep the choice for the various types of wood as wide as possible for our buyers. The use of wood in construction has a great future thanks to the new accent of sustainability in construction. Sustainability, reliability, high quality, added value in combination with the aforementioned continuity are key words within the organization.

We hope that our continuous drive can help to achieve 100% sustainable imports where a definition and a brand must be sufficient to convince the market.

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