Thermal Radiata Pine

During the production of Thermal Radiata Pine, high-tech computer-controlled ovens are being used, in which the wood is exposed to temperatures of approximately 230 degrees Celsius. This process ensures the structure of the wood to change, as a result of which the durability and stability is significantly increased. Furthermore, thermal modification provides the wood with a splendid deep dark-brown colour. The expected lifespan is even 30 years.



• Wood type: Radiata Pine
• Origin: New Zealand
• Volume mass: 450 kg / m3
• Shrinkage and expansion: approx. 2 – 3% tangential and 0.25% axial
• Moisture content: approx. 7% (on delivery)
• Expected lifespan: 30 years
• Area of ​​application: facade cladding without ground contact
• Durability class: I / II
• Gluing: Gluing is possible with PVA, PU and MUF glues
• Fixing: Preferably use stainless steel
(silicone, bronze and copper can cause discoloration)

Channelsiding Vulcan Thermo

When the wood is oiled or stained:

  • The color stays beautiful longer
  • Small cracks are reduced
  • It improves stability
  • Increases the service life considerably

Advice is to always use it oiled or stained for facade cladding.


We have Thermal Radiata Pine directly in stock.

Thickness 25
Widths  150 and 200 mm
Lengths 360, 420, 480 cm
Certified FSC® Mix Credit



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