Your Bilinga specification directly from stock

Due to our large stocks and our possibilities in the sawmill, it is possible to process this type of wood quickly. In addition, our sawmill can cut any desired cutlery size to size for you up to maximum sizes and lengths. Ask about our FSC®-certified products. This is just a selection from the range, if you want other sizes: please contact us.



Widths (in mm)
145 150 200 250 300
Thicknesses 25 x
(in mm) 32 x x
50 x x x x
65 x x
80 x x
100 x
Length:  185 to 500 cm
bilinga lotus

Roundwood sawmill

If you want specific large head sizes or lengths, we can also saw these from logs. A large part of our trunks is FSC® certified. The heavier beams are available in both heart and cut outside the heart. View the possibilities of freshly sawn wood.

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