The beautiful golden-yellow Opepe wood is easy to recognise and rather unique. In addition, streaks can be noticed, due to the interlocked grain on the sawn quartered surface. Despite its great hardness, opepe is well processable. As a result of its durability and the striking colour, opepe is often applied in (park)benches, deck parts, pergolas and fences. But also it is used regularly for purlins, scaffolds and bridge decks. Opepe can also be sawn by the roundwood saw. This constitutes a great advantage with regard to large sizes and more specific demands in measurements.



Due to our large stocks and our possibilities in the sawmill, it is possible to process this type of wood quickly. In addition, our sawmill can cut any desired cutlery size for you up to maximum sizes and lengths. Ask for our FSC®-certified products.

Opepe Roundwood

We can cut to size especially for you in our own roundwood sawmill. From small orders to large specifications, the possibilities are endless. The stock of Opepe round wood consists almost entirely of FSC®-certified Opepe. We cut the round wood to size especially for you (cutlery). In short, this means that we can meet your demand for sustainably produced hardwood with a certificate. In addition, it is also possible to combine different dimensions of wood with fast delivery times.

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