Your Azobe specification directly from stock

Azobe is shipped as logs and in various sizes on spec from West Africa to Europe. The logs are mainly used to cut heavy and longer specifications that cannot be cut by the sawmills in the countries of origin.

Below is an overview of the standard gross sizes that we have in stock. We also have sheet pile specifications available. This is just a selection from the range, if you want other sizes: please contact us.


Available species

Widths in mm
100 125 150 200 250 300 350
Thickness in mm 40 x x x
50 x x x x x
60 x x x x
80 x x x
100 x x x x x
125 x
150 x x x x
200 x x x
250 x x
300 x x

Is your desired size not listed? No problem, because we can saw these come from our stock.

Ask about our FSC®-certified products.

Square sizes

(Pointed) square posts are also available in the following specifications.

50x50mm in lengths of 125 cm
60x60mm in lengths 200 till 400cm

70x70mm in lengths 200 till 400cm
80x80mm in lengths 200 till 400cm

Azobe palen

Roundwood sawmill

If you want specific large dimensions or lengths, we can also cut these out of logs. A large proportion of our strains are FSC® certified. The heavier beams are available both as boxed heart and free-of-heart wood. View the options for freshly sawn wood.

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