Ekki on spec

We deliver Azobe from stock. However, you may want other specific sizes. These often include specifications with heavier dimensions and lengths. We saw these specifications from the stock of logs that are usually FSC® certified.


The trunks have a diameter of approximately 1 meter and larger. The lengths of the logs are between 8 and 15 meters. Because of these large roundwood dimensions, we can saw according to your preferred specification in our roundwood sawmill.

Specialist work, because each type has its own specific properties. The sawmill must therefore take these properties into account and combine the sizes ordered to achieve the highest possible return. Depending on the specifications to be cut and the quality of the logs, approximately 60-65% of the log is sawn into to construction wood.

But nothing is thrown away. The residual wood is purchased by the charcoal industry. They turn it into your barbecue charcoal and firewood blocks. Also FSC® certified.

From sawn to processed Azobe

Simplify your installation by having us carry out various steps in advance. With the help of your drawing we deliver cut beams to net length.

In fact, we can do any application. An advantage of Azobe is that you can plan it on almost all possible net sizes. Examples of other operations that we can perform with our machine are: re-sawing – shortening – planing chamfering – drilling holes – notching – end machining. In short, we have all the necessary possibilities and expertise in-house.

Come and see

You and your associates are welcome to come and see the Azobe logs being sawn and the subsequent processing. Call us to arrange an appointment.

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