Environmental Certification

Ekki is available with a certification. For example, with demonstrably sustainable forest management, the wood is supplied with an FSC® certificate. Another option is delivery with an OLB statement.

The FSC® certified deliveries fall under the FSC® certification CU-CoC-865505.    download

Why certification?

Forests are our source for raw materials, for current and future generations. Sustainable forest management must ensure that all functions of the forest, environment and humanity are upheld. The certification of wood supply aims to provide insight into the supply of wood, starting from the source in the country of origin, right through to the final product. There are various certification systems worldwide to guarantee this. For Ekki this is FSC®.

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)

FSC® is a global organisation that operates on a non-profit basis. FSC® was founded in 1993 by nature and environmental organisations, forest owners, human rights organisations, representatives of local populations and timber traders. FSC® has great brand awareness. Its aim is to protect forests against destruction and irreparable damage. The FSC® principles and criteria for responsible forest management give processors and consumers assurance that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests.

Legality statement

In addition to FSC® certification, Ekki wood with legality statements is also available from independent certifiers.

OLB – Origine en Légalité du Bois – Veritas agency legality verification with certificates for forest concessions in West Africa.

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