A very durable type of wood (durability class I), that is predominantly processed in heavier applications like locks-gates, bridges, purlins, piles and sheet piling. Yet, in smaller projects, Azobe is also often applied for garden fencing, bottom rail and scaffolds.

The heartwood looks freshly red-brown and will discolour over time towards dark red to chocolate brown and sometimes to a more violet dark red-brown colour. Azobe has striking white to yellow coloured ingredients in the vessels. In general, the structure is rather regular. Due to the interlocked grain structure, alternating light and dark tracks can be noticed on the quartered surface, not be confused with young wood. Despite the hardness, Azobe is easy to process by machines.


Sawn Ekki

We can cut to size especially for you in our own roundwood sawmill. From small orders to large specifications, the possibilities are endless. The stock of Ekki round wood consists of both NON FSC and FSC® certified Ekki. We cut the round timber to size especially for you (cutlery). This means that we can meet your demand for sustainably produced hardwood with certificate or without certificate. In addition, it is also possible to combine different dimensions of wood with fast delivery times.

Cutlery dimensions

Ekki is shipped as logs and in various sizes on spec from West Africa to Europe. Here is an overview of the standard gross sizes that we have in stock. We also have sheet pile specifications available. This is just a selection from the range, if you want other sizes: please contact us.

Azobe palen
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