Accoya® wood shows extraordinary performance. Accoya®, which is made from durable conifer wood, is subjected to a patented, non-toxic acetylation process that extends the useful life of the wood to the core. The result: eco-friendly, durable, solid wood with dimensional stability and purity equalling or being even better than premium tropical hardwood.

Accoya® has a light colour or one that progresses into white. Rough wood will always show lath stripes, as a result of the modification process. These can be as deep as around 5 mm into the wood. This is being taken into account during planing.


Advantages of Accoya® Wood

Watch the video below and discover what other benefits Accoya® Wood can offer you.

Durable and stability

The most sustainable wood in the world that can last for 50 years above ground and 25 years or longer in ground-water contact. The swelling and shrinking behavior has decreased by at least 75%. Windows and doors open and close effortlessly all year round. Paint and varnish last 3 to 4 times longer, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Insectenbestendig Natuurlijk hout zeer stabiel Weinig onderhoud

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