The Paris profile has been a popular profile for open facade cladding for years and is also known as a rhombus. By open facade cladding we mean vertical or horizontal facade cladding with a space between the profiles. This profile is available in different widths and in one thickness. It is a model that is easy to install and gives a nice spatial image. The advantage of these profiles is that they provide good ventilation immediately and that structural tensions will never arise when installed correctly. According to the building code, the spaces must be between 7 to 10mm due to vermin and the shrinkage and swelling of the wood. With the Paris profile it is important that the correct framework and a vapor-open moisture-resistant foil are taken into account. Which must certainly also be fully UV resistant, because of the gaps in between. Then mount the ventilation slats every 40 to 60 mm center to center. With vertical facade cladding you can choose to have the lengths staggered. So only small lengths are needed. This often makes a difference in the layout and availability of wood. Do you prefer a rhombus but as a closed facade cladding? Then take a look at our Berlin profile.

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Specification Paris profile

The Paris profile (Rhombus) is available in the following standard sizes.

Thickness: 18 and 23 mm
Widths: 60, 90, 140 and 190 mm
Lengths: 215 untill 610 cm

Red cedar gevelbekleding (profielen)

Facade cladding treatment

Many different types of treatments ensure a demonstrably longer life span for façade cladding. This will require less frequent maintenance. Boogaerdt Hout has a wide selection of treatments for façade cladding. Treatments that focus on a longer lifespan, high-quality appearance, but also those that increase the ease of maintenance. Four treatments that we selected will ensure added value to the wood.

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