An old-fashioned and well-known profile in a new guise, that is the Havana profile. The Havana profile works with a shiplap with false rebates. Havana has an overlap that partly ends up under the next shelf. This ensures that, just like with a channel siding, you do not immediately see the confirmation. Two false grooves are available, each of 5 mm. These rebates give a nice effect that the facade consists of several thinner beams. Certainly if a 180 mm plank is chosen, this will have a beautiful effect and save enormous time during installation.

Interested in the Havana profile, ask our advisors about the possibilities in your project.


The Havana profile comes in many specifications. This can be in combination with, for example, one or two false grooves.
These sham

Thickness: 18, 19 and 21 mm
Widths: 80, 130 and 180 mm (cover width)
Lengths: 215 to 610 cm

Other sizes in consultation.

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