The Hanoi profile is an ideal profile for horizontal facade cladding. These profiles overlap each other with a small visible curve. The tongue and groove for fastening is not visible with this profile. Because installation is very easy, this is a hugely popular profile. For other uses in homes, sheds and garden sheds. The profile is also known as double lips. Boogaerdt Hout uses two standard dimensions, but it is also available on request in other widths. When installing the Hanoi profile or better known as a half-timber rebate, pay attention to the correct installation and the correct drainage, so a vertical installation is possible but not recommended. Use the channel siding profile for a vertical facade. Install the ventilation slats every 40 to 60 mm center to center, depending on the type of wood.


The Hanoi profile can be obtained in the following standard sizes.

18 x 80 mm
18 x 130 mm
18 x 180 mm

Other sizes available on request.

Houten gevelbekleding van Accoya

Treat facade cladding

Treating this popular facade profile is also possible. A great way to give a unique look to your project, home or business. For example, many treatments have a demonstrably longer lifespan for the wood. There are therefore many extensive options for the correct treatment.

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