Wooden façade cladding

There are many wood species that can be used for wooden façade cladding. When selecting the right type of wood, one should bear in mind a few important things. For instance durability, stability and appearance. Durability is indicated by a durability class. These classes go from I to V, where V is least durable. Examples of wood species with a durability class I are Accoya® and Padouk. Abachi however is less suitable since this wood species has a durability class V. As a consequence, this wood species will require treatment.

Stability and the right type of ventilation are also very important when selecting a wood species for the wooden facade cladding of your project. Every type of wood will work, but wood species with limited swelling and shrinkage are more suitable. One should therefore take account of this before installation. Boogaerdt Hout can offer facade cladding for houses, offices, company buildings, fences and sound barriers.

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Boogaerdt Hout has a selection of wood types that are suitable for facade cladding:

Ask for our FSC®-certified and PEFC-certified products.

Houten gevelbekleding van Accoya

Types of facade cladding

Facade cladding and wood go well together. However, it is important to take the properties of wood into account. Boogaerdt Hout offers a number of profiles as standard profiles that can help you in your choice of wooden facade cladding. The profiles below are immediately available.

  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • Bern
  • Basel
  • Caïro
  • Hanoi
  • Havana
  • Tiga
  • Malmö
  • Lima (for Hardwood clipsystem)

There are many other profiles available. Contact our advisors.

Havana profiel accoya
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