Added Value

Thanks to this high degree of flexibility, Boogaerdt Hout can realise any demand to your specifications. After the sawing process we can perform any imaginable process to provide you with a customised and semi-manufactured product. We are also certified for sorting on strenght, allowing us to supply timber for construction applications that require CE certification.

Added Value by Boogaerdt

Boogaerdt Hout imports various sorts of timber from all over the world. At our facilities in Krimpen a/d Lek we have a continious stock of variety of sizes. Addionally, our facilities offer a wide range of equipment for performing custom timber processes, including

  • Planing;
  • Round log sawmill;
  • Other woodworking;
  • Drying
Rondhout zaag Eiken stam

External partners

In addition to these activities with our own production tools, we also has several partners that can offer you futher added value with services such as:

  • Finger-jointing
  • Laminating
  • Priming/finishing
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